Estranged crime family members are brought together in a small country town and mayhem ensues.


Crime in the Country is a ripping good read, packed with drama and comedy. 


Gabriella (not her real name) is on the run from her violent husband, Vince, who will stop at nothing to track her down after his release from prison. But Gabriella's crime boss (retired) father has other plans for Vince...


Vicki Kosky has achieved in her debut novel what many new writers aspire to: a combination of colourful, convincing characters that twist their way through the story until the bittersweet climactic scene.


Enjoy this spunky and at times hilarious page-turning novel and watch for forthcoming titles from this lively, talented author.


"I don't believe in being serious about anything. I think life is too serious to be taken seriously". 


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The Characters

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Dumitru (The Don) Hiding out at the host
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Dr Andrew
The Don
Young Don
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