Mystery Book 1

A listless widow and avid reader of crime stories, Jane Christie, falls off the roof of her Toorak home, sustaining brain damage that gives her life renewed purpose. Believing she is a world class sleuth who has solved numerous crimes, Jane determines to rid the world of wickedness. When she foils a paedophile, the media dub her Miss Marple and people flock to her for help.

At her wealthy neighbour’s funeral, Jane detects sure signs of heavy-metal poisoning. And in the middle of the eulogies, she pronounces that the deceased was murdered. Her voluble declaration draws the attention of enigmatic private detective Dominic Petrucci and the ire of the mourning family. Her insistence that she will not rest until she brings the culprit to justice, makes her the killer’s next target.

In her befuddled mind the bereaved widower is guilty. After all, in ninety-nine percent of her former cases, the spouse has been the culprit, and she forges ahead to prove it. The problem is that these cases exist only in her imagination.

Fans of Agatha Christie, ditzy detectives and whodunnits will love this hilarious tale of a woman who finds her true purpose later in life, after a crack on the head knocks some sense into her.

Murder at Home

Mystery Book 2

Murder on the Murray

Jane Christie's father was brutally murdered thirty-three years ago but the murderer was never caught. With the reluctant help of detective, Dominic Petrucchi, she returns to her home town searching for answers in a cold case that has turned frigid.

With a deep need for justice, Jane is reluctant to pursue a career in criminology unless she can first solve this personal case. She has been impotent for too long and can't move forward until she knows who killed her minister father.

But clues are hard to find until she enters a secluded new age community focused on meditatation and healing and hiding a dark past.

Did Jane bring trouble with her to this peaceful community where people start dying? Or was the trouble lying dormant, hiding in the shadows?

© 2020 by VICTORIA KOSKY. 

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