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Jane Christie Mystery Book 1

A listless widow and avid reader of crime stories, Jane Christie, falls off the roof of her Toorak home, sustaining brain damage that gives her life renewed purpose. Believing she is a world class sleuth who has solved numerous crimes, Jane determines to rid the world of wickedness. When she foils a paedophile, the media dub her Miss Marple and people flock to her for help.

At her wealthy neighbour’s funeral, Jane detects sure signs of heavy-metal poisoning. And in the middle of the eulogies, she pronounces that the deceased was murdered. Her voluble declaration draws the attention of enigmatic private detective Dominic Petrucci and the ire of the mourning family. Her insistence that she will not rest until she brings the culprit to justice, makes her the killer’s next target.

In her befuddled mind the bereaved widower is guilty. After all, in ninety-nine percent of her former cases, the spouse has been the culprit, and she forges ahead to prove it. The problem is that these cases exist only in her imagination.

Fans of Agatha Christie, ditzy detectives and whodunnits will love this hilarious tale of a woman who finds her true purpose later in life, after a crack on the head knocks some sense into her.

Murder Mystery in Melbourne

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Jane Christie Mystery Book 2

Murder Mystery on the Murray

A murder buried for three decades. A daughter determined to unearth the truth. A cold case gone frigid.

Three decades on, Jane Christie is still haunted by her father’s murder. Returning to her hometown, she’s determined to get closure. But the clues are obscure: DNA on the killer’s knife and a hidden diary. The diary exposes a shadowy commune of potential culprits. But when she tracks down a retired cop to dig up key details, she’s shocked to find him strangled to death.

Working with her handsome private detective boyfriend, Jane’s last hope lies in immersing herself in the New Age cult. She goes undercover as one of the burned-out executives enrolled for a rebooting seminar. Meanwhile, Zora, her loyal factotum creates mayhem in the community kitchen.

Jane’s investigation reveals a shocking truth that threatens the community’s secretive existence. As the bodies mount up, Jane must expose an elusive predator before more innocents fall victim to his sinister lies.

Will Jane find closure for her father’s murder at last; at what cost?

If you like amateur sleuths, complex puzzles, and quirky humor, then you’ll love this suspenseful page-turner.

Get Murder on the Murray and watch Jane vanquish evil today!