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Her Mob Past





Gabriella is pursued on every side and hiding a secret past. She is in the run for her life.  

It’s The Sopranos on laughing gas!

A mob killer is after her, lusting for revenge. The widowed doctor is just lusting after her. Meanwhile, Gabriella has her hands full with her headstrong son and a sex-crazed, homicidal employer.

As a good Catholic, Gabriella knows she shouldn’t lie, lust, or commit crime, but to protect her son she overdoes all three. When she finds a surplus of corpses at the funeral home where she works, she devises a desperate plan that hinges on seducing the upstanding doctor with some steamy sex. She doesn't expect to fall in love with him.

What will happen when all her lies start unravelling? Will the doctor still want her when he discovers that she’s from the wrong kind of family?

After offering a large reward, the killer finds her hiding in a small rural Australian town. He brings guns and his henchmen with him. Can she save herself and protect her son from the mob’s tentacles?

Fans of Analyze This with Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal will love this hilarious page-turner filled with mayhem, underworld intrigue and aging mobsters trying to reform.

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Her Mob Past

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Her Sister's Mob Past

The riotous reunion of two sisters: Gabriella has escaped her mob past, but Sylvie is mobbed up and a walking disaster in five-inch heels. She arrives on the eve of Gabriella’s wedding, pissed off that she’s not invited.


Sylvie carries a gun in her Gucci handbag along with her husband’s severed finger. The gun is to protect her from the Borkovic crime family. They have given her one week to return six million in diamonds, or else. She blames Vince, Gabriella’s deceased husband, for the old vendetta and murder of Drago Borkovic. She reckons her sister is obliged to help. Wheras, Gabriella blames Sylvie for bringing this mess to her door.

When a mob-heavy attempts to kidnap them, they are forced to take drastic measures. They fall back on their skills: Sylvie offers hot sex while the more practical, Gabriella, wants to cook for him. In an awkward self-defence scramble, the gun goes off. The bullet ricochets off Gabriella's cast-iron skillet and the mobster drops dead.


​Now, they're faced with the perennial mob problem; what to do with the body?


To protect her family, Gabriella agrees to a wild ride in a stolen truck through the Australian countryside with her hair-brained sister at the wheel. They break more laws in their attempt to dump the corpse. But when they cross paths with an escaped convict wanted for murder, their prospects turn bleak.

The bodies start to pile up and Gabriella wonders if she can trust Sylvie. Things don’t add up. But if they hope to survive the Borkovics they need to stick together. When Gabriella’s son is kidnapped, the stakes become personal. Can they find the missing diamonds? Will they get through their ordeal alive?


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